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Why volunteer with CLICK2SUPPORT?

You can expect a lot from volunteering with CLICK2SUPPORT, including the chance to make friends, learn new skills and support the important work we do by standing alongside Australians in need until they can stand for themselves. Studies have shown that giving your time to help others can be good for your health, wellbeing and social skills, so you can expect to feel the positive impact in these areas too.

Who can volunteer with CLICK2SUPPORT?

CLICK2SUPPORT welcomes anyone wanting to share their skills, expertise, passion and time to express their interest in volunteering. Volunteering with CLICK2SUPPORT often requires working with some of the most vulnerable people in our community. To ensure that we get the right people placed in the right volunteer roles.

CLICK2SUPPORT is committed to keeping children and young people safe with zero tolerance of harm or abuse, and expect all our employees and volunteers to reflect this commitment.

What length and type of commitment is expected of volunteers?

The length and type of commitment expected from volunteers varies from role to role. Volunteer position descriptions found on the volunteering vacancies page will detail the length and type of commitment being sort. When looking for a volunteer role it is important to find a role where the commitment being sought suits your availability.

Do you have corporate volunteering opportunities?

CLICK2SUPPORT offers opportunities for its corporate partners to get involved in our work through corporate volunteering. To find out more, please Contact Us.


Click2Support is not for profit organization, where we have group of individuals from different area of expertise, age group, locality coming together to volunteer More...

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