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Thank you for your generosity in supporting Nepalese students during this COVID-19 pandemic via different means of donation such as:

  • Monetary Donation
  • Donation of basic necessity items (Vegetables, fruits, rice, packing boxes etc.)
  • Contribution of your valuable time in making this program successful in different ways:

Admin team – Receiving enquiries from thousands of student and sorting out the most needed one on the basis of their arrival date and working condition.

  1. Sumita Dhungana
  2. Akash Phuyal
  3. Yogesh Shrestha
  4. Baldev Raut
  5. Indira Kandel
  6. Yadav Singh Basnet

Collection of donation, shopping and making package ready

  1. Kalyan Kandel
  2. Kiran Shrestha
  3. Nirakar Shrestha
  4. Manish Adhikari
  5. Sujan Maharjan
  6. Shree Krishna Shrestha
  7. Sabina Manandhar
  8. Renuka Maharjan
  9. Ganga Ram Kandel

Distribution team

  1. Himal Sunuwar
  2. Parashuram Pathak
  3. Sanish Singh
  4. Mahesh Pant
  5. Bikram Kunwar
  6. Dipak Thapa
  7. Prem Kumar Shrestha
  8. Barshat Pathak
  9. Purna Gurung
  10. Uday Subedi
  11. Suman Bidari
  12. Deepak Ghimire
  13. Ramesh Pokhrel
  14. Amit KC
  15. Sulabh Giri
  16. Tulsi Sapkota
  17. Suraj Ranabhat
  18. Suraj Shrestha
  19. Neyam Kandel
  20. Arnav Pant
  21. Kalind Kandel

Special thanks to Campsie World of Fruits & Vegetables for providing 17 pallets of different fruits and vegetables and Manish Adhikari for organising this donation.

We would also like to thank all students who helped us to reach needy students by sharing our post.

Also, we would like to thank all students for trusting us and accepting our help.

We are thrilled to have your support. Through your donation we have been able to accomplish our donation program and continue working towards supporting needy students. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!



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